Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Reads: Cobweb Bride by Vera Nazarian

I Just finished Return to Fender by Virginia Brown and will now be starting Cobweb Bride by Vera Nazarian. There’s not much I can say about it right now other than what the website and Goodreads or Amazon has to say about it. It looks like a good book. It’s been on my To Be Read list for a little while now, and I feel blessed to have an advance copy to check it out. 
Cobweb Bride is a history-flavored fantasy novel with romantic elements of the Persephone myth, about Death’s ultimatum to the world. 
In an alternate Renaissance world, somewhere in an imaginary “pocket” of Europe called the Kingdom of Lethe, Death comes, in the form of a grim Spaniard, to claim his Bride. Until she is found, in a single time-stopping moment all dying stops. There is no relief for the mortally wounded and the terminally ill….
And one small village girl, Percy—an unwanted, ungainly middle daughter—is faced with the responsibility of granting her dying grandmother the desperate release she needs.

As a result, Percy joins the crowds of other young women of the land in a desperate quest to Death’s own mysterious holding in the deepest forests of the North…

And everyone is trying to stop her.