Thursday, June 23, 2011

Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry

Above all, the Magnetic Poetry site is hoping of course that you will buy one or more of their products.

But, what was invaluable to me is the play tab. Once selected, it takes you to another screen where you can choose which kit you want to play with. Once a kit is selected, it will take you to another screen where the words are in a pile to the right and there is a work space to the left. Basically have at it! Play with the words.

There is an option at the end to submit your poem as well. I didn't submit mine because I couldn't find all the little s's and whatnot that I wanted to add to make it fully make sense.

I really enjoyed playing with it and plan to do so again. I used to the poetry kit and created the following on this occasion:

Wild woman with a
smoky, velvet voice
poison words rob you.

Yesterday's secrets
surround your smile and
seep into the
windows to your soul.