Friday, May 18, 2012

Review: Blood Rock by Anthony Francis

Blood Rock  is the second in a series of urban fantasies by Anthony Francis featuring Dakota Frost. This time around, Dakota must face a killer who is using magical graffiti to reach out and kill seemingly in much the same way she uses her tattoos for offense and defense. With graffiti popping up all over Atlanta, deaths occurring,  and friends affected, Dakota worries - will Cinnamon be next?

I gave Blood Rock 3.5 stars. Overall it is a good book. My basic complaint was with how much or little emotion Dakota was showing during some scenes in the book. I felt that it wasn't really supported by other things in the text. Her lack of emotion in one scene in particular where a friend dies seemed peculiar.

Otherwise, the notion of magical graffiti was awesome. This was the first time I had come across that in my reading and found it very interesting. The exploration as to how it works exactly got a little heavy at times, but was interesting and important to the world building and ultimately to the plot. It also allowed for a comparison and further exploration as to how Dakota's magic works.

If  you enjoy slightly darker urban fantasy, you will like Blood Rock.