Thursday, October 28, 2010

Netflix Streaming CC choices Dismal

Lisa Goldstein over at recently blogged about Netflix and their streaming media and closed captioning. 

Once again the Hard of Hearing and deaf/Deaf are suffering. I think she makes an excellent point comparing what Netflix offers captioned streaming to what was available early on in videos captioned. You had to be so careful to check every box for the cc or the symbol. So little was available. And again...

Of all the movies and tv episodes that Netflix carries streaming, only 100 are captioned/subtitled at this time. That's really ridiculous! 

Lisa's blog is worth a read for an overview of the issue and how some of the others in the community view it as well. 

I liked the comment (among others) where the man tried to get his monthly fee reduced because he couldn't take full advantage of everything that they offer. I wish it had worked. 

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