Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: Frost Moon by Anthony Francis

Frost Moon by Anthony Francis introduces us to the incomparable Dakota Frost, magical tattoo artist and skindancer. Not only can her tattoos perform some useful function such as make a transformation smoother for a were, they can move on the skin of the wearer. In the case of Dakota, this can make for one impressive display since she has several tattoos inked on her, mostly by her own hand. Most impressive in description to me was her dragon tattoo that started on one foot and ran all the way up her body.

The book opens with Dakota being escorted into the police station, not for anything she's done wrong, but because of what her father's old partner, Rand, hopes she can do. A serial killer is stalking those with magical tattoos and worse taking a tattoo as a trophy of sorts on or near the full moon. The police and the feds hope that she can shed some light on this and help warn others.

Dakota meets a wide variety of characters over the course of the book including vampires, weres, magic users, and some relatively normal people. Anthony Francis does a nice job of world building an "Edgeworlder Atlanta" where all these non-mainstream people live. He does a great job in fleshing out all of the characters involved including the minor ones. The subplots tie together nicely with the main plot at the climax to the novel.

Dialog is believable. Dakota has some nice banter with Philip, her main love interest and man in black. Dakota banters well in general and isn't afraid to speak up for herself. Occasionally as a result, she will put her foot in her mouth like when she is first being introduced at the werehouse. This makes her more endearing.

I was surprised at the identity of the serial killer. I don't think there was really any foreshadowing leading up to it, but it wasn't totally unbelievable either. You'll have to judge for yourself. And it is worth the time.

I received a copy of this book in return for my unbiased opinion.

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