Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: Perhaps I've Said Too Much by Rodney Lacroix

Perhaps I've Said Too Much (A Great Big Book of Messing With People) by Rodney Lacroix is pretty much a hilarious book. It's a follow up to his Things Go Wrong For Me. Both books have laugh out loud moments. And some of mine occurred in a waiting room. You know you kinda want to share what you read with the people who are now staring at you. But at the same time, you think they will think you are crazy for finding what you just read funny.

While all of it is pretty much funny, some parts shine more than others. The stories about the interactions between him and his kids are just too funny. His son really is as funny as Rodney claims he is.
Payton gets her own strikes in now and then as well. Of course after this book was published, he got married again and his family increased. I am guessing the next book will be even funnier. 

And then there is the portion where we see his Draw Something art. What a window into the way his mind works that is. Sometimes it is Too Much Information. 

And you really hope that his boss doesn't read his book, or he will have to be doing something else fulltime to fund his life while practicing his addiction to trickery. And he would need to find some other people to mess with. 

I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars. No one is hurt by any of his messing around with them. If anything, a joke might backfire on him or one of his kids might one up him. It's all in good fun. And it is pretty much all funny. I would share quotes, but it would give away too much. If you like funny, autobiographical humor that is occasionally off color, then this book would be a good bet for you. Enjoy!

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