Thursday, October 30, 2014

Some Halloween websites

Halloween is tomorrow. Just in case you haven't found your saturation point yet for the holiday and its trappings, which I have not, here are a few websites with information about Halloween or books with a Halloween theme to them.

The History Channel has a nice little site with information about the history of the holiday and the things surrounding it such as pumpkins, candy.and trick or treating. has tons of information and links to explore. They have info on costumes, pumpkin carving, and activities to name a few items.

The Cozy Mystery List has tons about cozy mysteries, but they have also made lists of mysteries pertaining to each holiday. This is the link to the mysteries that have to do with Halloween.

 A few nonfiction Halloween books I've come across and found interesting are:
Trick or Treat? A History of Halloween by Lisa Morton
Halloween! by Silver Ravenwolf
The Pagan Book of Halloween by Gerina Dunwich

Many, many more books exist on the topic of Halloween. These are just some that I enjoyed for the history and lore content.

Do you have any favorites, fiction or nonfiction for Halloween? Please share in the comments. And Thanks for stopping by!

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