Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Reads: Return to Fender by Virginia Brown

This is what I am reading this Friday. Return to Fender is book 4 of the Blue Suede mystery series written by Virginia Brown. It came out in May 2013 published by Bell Bridge books.

Someone is trying to kill Jordan Cleveland. Tootsie, Jordan's friend and fellow drag queen, asks his friend Harley to look into it. Harley can't resist. It can't be that dangerous for her. After all someone is out to get Jordan not her.

"But, after Jordan is sideswiped by a car and ends up in the hospital, trouble starts to turn Harley's way. The next thing she knows, she's dangling off the side of the city's famous Peabody Hotel while an anonymous thug tells her to mind her own business... or else.

Things can only get worse." (from the back of the book)

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