Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Eternally Bad by Trina Robbins

Throwback Thursday is about reviewing a book that's been out for a while. In this case the book has been out for quite a while. The hardcover edition that I have was released in 2001.

Eternally Bad: Goddesses with Attitude by Trina Robbins is about an assortment of goddesses with a few strong women thrown in. The book is divided up into topics:

  1. The Evil Twin 
  2. Tramps and Thieves
  3. Bad Girls of the Bible
  4. Sorceresses: Don't Drink That!
  5. G.I. Janes
  6. Goddesses Who Love Too Much
  7. They Got Away With Murder!
Each goddess or woman has a brief biography or short story entry. My favorite was under the Tramps and Thieves heading, the story of Uzume and Amaterasu. "Uzume, the Japanese goddess of merriment, was the first exotic dancer. She invented the striptease to lure Amaterasu, the sun goddess, out of her cave." I particularly liked that Uzume is described as short and round and that she still does this uninhibited act.

Some of the other goddesses and women in the book are: Isis, Lilith, Jezebel, Kali, Freya, Pele, The Morrigan, Circe, and Artemis.

The book is written in a light, humorous manner. It is more of an introduction than anything definitive. As such, it is enjoyable. I give it 4 stars.

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