Saturday, February 28, 2015

Review: Unicorn on a Roll by Dana Simpson

Expected publication: May 26th 2015
by Andrews McMeel Publishing
Unicorn on a Roll is book #2 in the Heavenly Nostrils series by Dana Simpson. Book two picks up when Phoebe and her unicorn, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, have been best friends now for a year.

In this second volume of Heavenly Nostrils the reader is invited on a journey into the lives of Phoebe and Marigold as they navigate the difficulties of grade school, celebrate the winter holidays, and explore their superhero/supervillain personas together. Join in the fun, as Phoebe competes against Dakota for the leading role of “Lisa Ladybug” in their fourth-grade play—or as she struggles to “manage” the PR debacle related to her nose-picking-scandal. (“I will neither confirm nor deny the events surrounding Boogergate.”) Witness a band of unicorns staging an “intervention” and learn all the details of Marigold’s secret crush on a mysterious creature she has never seen. Perhaps most important, watch as this surprising friendship between a charming, nine-year-old dreamer and a vain, mythical beast forever changes both of them for the better. 

The book is appropriate for the younger set, middle graders and up mostly, though some upper elementary might enjoy it as well. It's funny enough and has enough good humor for even adults to enjoy it. The cartoon has been compared to Calvin and Hobbes. 

One example of the humor is a 4 panel page on p.42 with Phoebe discussing with her father what to get Marigold for Christmas. 
Phoebe: I just know Marigold is going to get me something incredible for Christmas. She's my best friend and I want to get her something special too. 
Dad: Well, What does she like? 
Phoebe: Mostly herself.
Dad: And she has one of those already. 
Phoebe: You see my problem. 
It's really a cute book. It would be fun to share with younger children, but it's also enjoyable on your own as an adult. I am planning to share it with my adult daughter who I think could use a laugh. 

I gave this book 4 stars for the art, the humor, the continuity, and the general plot that it follows. 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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