Thursday, March 31, 2016

Throwback Thursday Review: Livin' Lahaina Loca by JoAnn Bassett

Wedding planner Pali Moon finds herself searching high and low in Lahaina for a missing bridesmaid on Halloween night. She is a little puzzled that the bride doesn't seem to be that worried about the girl. When the girl doesn't materialize, but something else does, Pali goes to the police and the detectives don't seem to be any more interested in the missing girl than the bride.

The mystery has action amidst the wedding planning as Pali tries to solve the disappearance. I liked the details about the culture of Lahaina, Maui. And the pace was pretty good. There is a little bit of a beginning of a love triangle going on. The main thing I didn't like was the resolution of the mystery. It's a cliffhanger with loose ends. So, if you're planning on reading this one, you might want to go ahead and pick up book 3 as well. I am not sure if I will bother or not.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars mainly for the ending. Otherwise it would be higher. This is supposed to be a series, but the ending lends itself more to a serial.

Livin' Lahaina Loca by JoAnn Bassett was published March 18, 2012 by Lokelani Publishing. It is the second book in the Islands of Aloha mystery series.

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