Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review: Wicked Burn by Rebecca Zanetti

Demons, shifters, and witches... Oh my! Well, there certainly was a lot of action in this book. There was both the action sequences of fighting and running and the bedroom action scenes. This was my first book by Rebecca Zanetti. The action scenes were good. The bedroom scenes I wasn't as thrilled with.

I was surprised by how quickly the characters fell back in bed together after being broken up for 100 years. It seemed like some kind of insta-love or insta-lust. And also surprised by how frequently they were in bed together. There's nothing really wrong with that. It's just not really my cup of tea. Especially with one of the characters tending to be on the controlling side of things.

The plot was interesting. Simone is an Irish witch who has been falsely accused of some things including attempted murder of other witches on the high council. And someone is definitely after her. If they can't get her in court, they seem determined to kill her outside of it. Some of her family want her to hide out while they prepare a defense and they've chosen Nikolaj Veis to aid them - her former demon lover who broke up with her 100 years ago.

I liked the idea of shifters that can change at will. And this was my first bear shifter story. I liked that there were other kinds of shifters. How the group interacts seemed explained well.

These characters are supposed to be immortals of sorts. And they are trying to hide their existence from the other people on the planet. Frankly, I don't know how they could with chase scenes and the like.

It is a fast paced book. I read it as a standalone, but it definitely should be read as part of the series in order to fully appreciate what's going on. I was a little lost at times.

By the time I got to the novella that is included in the book I had a fairly good grasp of what kinds of things to expect from the characters. I actually enjoyed the novella a little more than the novel. Again it was action intense. There were people out to kill or kidnap one of the main characters in the novella named Cara. The reason why isn't fully understood until near the end of the piece.

Overall I give both the novel and novella a rating of 3. I liked them, but for me they weren't great. They are paranormal romances, and  hot ones, definitely aimed at adults. They have enjoyable stories overall. If you like your paranormal romances hot, then this is a good book for you. Just read the other 2 in the series first for your best experience.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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