Thursday, February 27, 2020

Review: The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica

Sadie, Will, and their kids move from Chicago to a small island town in Maine. They've moved because Will's sister Alice has died and left them her house and custody of her 16-year-old daughter Imogen. Sadie and Will have seized on this move as an opportunity for a needed fresh start.

Not long after they are moved in, one of their neighbors, Morgan Baines, is found murdered in her home by her stepdaughter, This unsettles Sadie badly. She finds herself drawn into the investigation after another neighbor tells the detective that they saw her having a disagreement with Morgan.

As the investigation proceeds, Saide feels like they are trying to make her into the scapegoat for the crime. She starts doing risky things to investigate on her own and prove her innocence.

The book is told in 4 points of view. Three for most of the book - Sadie, Camille, and Mouse. Will, the fourth, is only shown near the end. Still, it works pretty well.

I mostly liked Sadie and Will. I felt for Imogen who lost her mother and seemed to be acting out. While there are indeed multiple points of view, the story is mainly Sadie's. I liked the way that Sadie seems so put together at the beginning but seems to come apart a little more with each twist.

Just when I thought I had a handle on things, there would be a twist that would make me doubt my conclusions. The mystery was well played out. There were some very good red herrings. When I finally learned the truth, I could look back and see a lot of it coming. But, there was still a major plot twist near the end that changed so much.

Overall, I give this book 5 stars out of  5. It's well-paced. The twists are creative and mostly unexpected. If you enjoy thrillers/suspense with a female protagonist, this could be a good book for you.

The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica was published February 18th, 2020 by Park Row.'

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. This did not influence my opinion.


  1. Ooh 5 stars. and I love twisty mysteries. I need to add this one.

    1. It's definitely twisty. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Mary Kubica, the name sounds familiar though I can´t quite name it. The thriller genre is one I love to read and this one sounds very intriguing. Thank you for sharing.

    1. The name might be familiar from her earlier novel, The Good Girl. Thanks for coming by!

  3. Your review is one of a long list of people who have adored this book -- definitely one to add to theTBR!