Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Can't Wait Wednesday/Waiting on Wednesday #353: Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder


Waiting on Wednesday" is a weekly event that had been hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine where we spotlighted upcoming releases we are eagerly anticipating. I'm now linking up with "Can't-Wait Wednesday" hosted over at Wishful Endings.

From the publisher:

In this blazingly smart and voracious debut, an artist turned stay-at-home mom becomes convinced she's turning into a dog.

One day, the mother was a mother, but then one night, she was quite suddenly something else...

     An ambitious mother puts her art career on hold to stay at home with her newborn son, but the experience does not match her imagination. Two years later, she steps into the bathroom for a break from her toddler's demands, only to discover a dense patch of hair on the back of her neck. In the mirror, her canines suddenly look sharper than she remembers. Her husband, who travels for work five days a week, casually dismisses her fears from faraway hotel rooms.

     As the mother's symptoms intensify, and her temptation to give in to her new dog impulses peak, she struggles to keep her alter-canine-identity secret. Seeking a cure at the library, she discovers the mysterious academic tome which becomes her bible, A Field Guide to Magical Women: A Mythical Ethnography, and meets a group of mommies involved in a multilevel-marketing scheme who may also be more than what they seem.

     An outrageously original novel of ideas about art, power, and womanhood wrapped in a satirical fairy tale, Nightbitch will make you want to howl in laughter and recognition. And you should. You should howl as much as you want.

Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder is due out July 20th, 2021 from Doubleday Books.

Why am I waiting on this book? I like that the plot is imaginative. I've read a few shape-changing stories, but I don't remember one quite like this, if that is indeed what's happening. Plus the group of mommies who may be more than they seem interests me. And I like that there may be humor in the story.

What book are you waiting on this week? Share it or a link in the comments so we can check it out and maybe add it to our TBR lists. Thanks for coming by and Happy Reading!


  1. Okay, now that is a crazy sounding story! And that cover and title! Hope you get your hands on it soon!
    Lisa Loves Literature's Wednesday post

    1. Thanks! Hope you enjoy your pick when you get to it!

  2. The cover is telling you something *smile* And the summary sounds so crazy it could be a great novel. Hope you will enjoy it. Happy reading and stay safe and well.

  3. That's crazy! It sounds like a fun and interesting read. I hope you enjoy it, Laura. I may have to give it a try if you do! Take care.

    1. Thanks. It does sound wild and imaginative. Take care!

  4. Aright, ths is hands down the most unique blurb I've ever read. EVER. WOW. I hope it's as good as the blurb sounds!