Thursday, March 24, 2022

Book Review: The Quarter Storm by Veronica G. Henry


From the publisher:

Haitian-American Vodou priestess Mambo Reina Dumond runs a healing practice from her New Orleans home. Gifted with water magic since she was a child, Reina is devoted to the benevolent traditions of her ancestors.

After a ritual slaying in the French Quarter, police arrest a fellow vodouisant. Detective Roman Frost, Reina’s ex-boyfriend—a fierce nonbeliever—is eager to tie the crime, and half a dozen others, to the Vodou practitioners of New Orleans. Reina resolves to find the real killer and defend the Vodou practice and customs, but the motives behind the murder are deeper and darker than she imagines.

As Reina delves into the city’s shadows, she untangles more than just the truth behind a devious crime. It’s a conspiracy. As a killer wields dangerous magic to thwart Reina’s investigation, she must tap into the strength of her own power and faith to solve a mystery that threatens to destroy her entire way of life.

My Thoughts: 

I like the character of Reina. She believes strongly in what she does. She has a good nature and wants to help and guide people for the best possible outcome. She gets tied into a murder because a woman visits her the day before it happens. Reina feels a strong need to get involved and find the truth. 

The plot involves a lot of investigation and deduction on Reina's part. The other characters she interacts with are interesting, but I can't say I liked her ex much. I enjoyed the parts with Vodou and Reina's magic. The plot slows occasionally during the investigation, but overall progresses at a good rate. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. It has interesting characters, a good plot, and makes interesting use of magic and Vodou. I look forward to the next book in the series. 

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